Last Saturday, Braeburn hosted yet
another successful and exciting ‘Cultural
Day’. Parents and students provided
cuisine from their own country for
the community to enjoy. The day
itself was centered around student and teacher
performances, where students from different
nationalities performed dance and song from their
own backgrounds. The day celebrated true diversity
at Braeburn and we all learned a little more about who
and where we are from.
Students appreciated each other and multicultural
unity could be beautifully witnessed. I am very
proud to be the Head Teacher of a school where
understanding, tolerance and respect underpins the
true spirit and ethos of our school and cultural day
captivates and reinforces that people from different
ethnic and national backgrounds can live and prosper
in harmony together. I truly praise our families and
students of Braeburn. We are all part of a very special
It should also be noted that through hard teamwork
on the day, a healthy sum of money was raised for
charity. There will be a full report regarding this
outcome in a future newsletter. Thank you to all
parents and students that supported on the day.