Mathematics                        9A* 6A 1B

Development Studies          3 A*

"It is with much pride and pleasure that I write to congratulate the Year 11 students who sat the November series IGCSE Examinations in Development Studies and Mathematics.  Early entry is by no means an easy choice. Whilst their peers were enjoying the long summer break and the start to the new academic year, these students were revising, completing past papers, and working with their teachers, before, during and after school in order to complete in some cases, a mere 9 months of teaching, courses that traditionally students complete in 2 full academic years. 

Hard work, dedication and resilience were the key characteristics embodied by all sixteen students and their exceptional results are a just reward.

I would also like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Mr Jonathon Bridger, Mr Ian Stamp and Mr Phil Treacher for the help, support, and dedication they showed in preparing the students so well in such a short period of time.  Once again, staff and students prove why Braeburn is such an exceptional school."