IAPS U11 Girls Hockey Tournament Runners-Up

U11 Braeburn Girls Hockey

Our U11 girls hockey team faced a difficult pool with many skilful players in the IAPS tournament. The girls worked hard to win their first match 4-0, with Tanja scoring 2 goals. After the match Mr. Jones ensured all the children were drinking enough water to keep their energy levels up and focus on the game.

The second match of the pool was against Pembroke, the girls playe skillfully and worked well as a team, finishing with a strong 2-0 victory. This was followed by another win against Banda, 1-0. The girls were on a winning streak and looked prepped and ready for winning the tournament. Their final match of the pool stage was against Brookhouse. This was the only time the girls lost focus and allowed a goal to sneak past them, finishing in 0-1 loss. However even with the one loss, the girls had won all the other matches with some of the top scores in the entire pool stage, enabling them to finish top of their group and pass through to the semi-finals.

U11 Hockey Braeburn Girls

The semi-final was against Greensteds. A quick team chat and team shout and the girls were off! Nervous parents watched from the sidelines as the game progressed. Thankfully in what seemed a lifetime the girls scored and won the game 1-0. They were through to the final to face Kenton. 

The final came around quickly and with crowds of parents building, Braeburn felt the pressure. A quick goal was scored against them putting them on the back foot. The girls worked hard to convert a goal. Kenton had a tough defense and there was no room for error, in a final attempt a cross fell short and a Kenton player managed to get another goal. The final whistle saw Kenton win 2-0. Not once did the girls Braeburn complain, they were proud to have got to the finals and demonstrate their skills in front of all the IAPS schools involved in the tournament with heads held high.  The girls played wonderfully in the tournament and enjoyed great performances all season. Well done.