A group of year 12s and 13s from The 6th Form had the privilege to participate in a forum led by Dr. Lucio Esposito, a representative of the University of East Anglia, on Monday morning in the school’s lecture theatre. Dr Esposito set the tone for the morning by Introducing himself, and shared a bit about about his background. We then proceeded to a session of structured debates on topics ranging from issues of income inequality among nations and individuals to the environment. Split into groups, passionate discussions began with students arguing eloquently their side of the debate and rebutting other opinions in order to win the debate.

Dr. Esposito, however, in his intervention taught us that both sides were right as it was a matter of looking at each topic from the point of reality, logic and philosophy. After this, he gave a short lecture on the progression of the world, educating us on the developments that have occurred in the last two centuries and sharing with us the correlation between income, life expectancy, child mortality and number of births per mother. It was a truly informative session that left us questioning the myth of progress or advancement in our current society.