Braeburn's policy of accelerated mathematics continues to impress. As students enter the secondary school, students have already been identified as possible accelerated learners. They are streamed into a Top Set and when they eventually begin their IGCSE syllabi, it is planned that they will complete the course at the end of year 10.

Those students who have managed to maintain high standards through this intense period are asked to apply for the early sitting of Mathematics in October prior to the final examinations in May. This allows them to commence the A level syllabus in year 11 and further, an option to do Further Mathematics in Year 13.

We are very happy to announce that ALL candidates this year scored an A* or A in this years early sitting of IGCSE Mathematics.

Ashar Asjad          A*

Xinyang Kong       A*

Rohaan Islam        A*

Akshat Jain            A*

Paridhi Jain            A*

Essey Molla            A*

Kelsi Rwanjeu         A*

Ray Susanto           A*

Lea Tanaskovic      A*

Stephen Akunda     A*

Muskan Valli           A

Sonia Nyakuramba A

Brighita Mzee          A

Jolene Harawa        A

Audrey Brown          A

Congratulations to Kelsi Rwanjeu and Audrey Brown who also scored A*s in their early sitting of IGCSE Development Studies