Superb Sagana

Last week, Year 7s enjoyed 4 days of thrilling adventure in Sagana-Savage Wilderness Campsite. 64 students and 7 teachers stretched their mental capacities to explore what was possible and impossible to complete.

During the days, in their respective groups, the students zip lined, kayaked, rock climbed, river ducked and did some archery. The evenings were filled with night games and fun activities. Sleep came easily and most were quiet (maybe sleeping) by 10pm and had to be roused from the tents/cabins the next morning at 7am.

On the last night the students shared their highlights of the week and by a huge consensus, the surprise night walk on the first night and the delicious food were voted as most memorable.  

Overall, the students showed fantastic teamwork, creativity and resilience among other skills throughout the week. Thanks to the students for behaving mostly impeccably and also to the staff that supported the trip. It all made for a very enjoyable week.