Super Sagana

Year 4 had a fantastic time in Sagana this week! We set off bright and early on the Bluebird buses with excitement in our bellies. Our first stop was at Braeburn Imani to have a break and a snack. We all enjoyed a nosey at another Braeburn School. We then hit the road again to make our final leg of the journey to Sagana. When we arrived at Rapids Camp, some of the classes had to raft across to get to camp and some of us had to cross a wooden bridge. We sat down to have lunch and the Infinity Outdoors staff introduced themselves and explained alot to us about what was going to happen within the fantastic 3 days!
Our 3 days consisted of lots of yummy meals, camping, hot chocolate, campfires and four different rotational activities. The activities were a huge success as everyone took part and some of us enjoyed stepping out of our comfort zones. One of the activities was team building; in this we had to work together as a team on numerous tasks and activities to build our bonds as a group, our leadership skills and our problem solving skills. Another activity we did was rafting in which we spent time on the rafts trying to run around the edge without falling in, trying to bounce each other out of the raft and building our confidence in water, we also went down a rapid and near the water fall using the new safety tips we had just learnt. Hill walking was another activity that we all engaged in. On the walk we learnt about lots of different things such as sacred trees, sand mining, birds, plants and so much more. The final activity was the 'geckos', these are small individual boats, on these we played lots of games which developed our new skills of how to control the boats and use them efficiently; we also used them to go down some rapids and explore the currents of the river.
As part of our annual residential trip and outdoor education provision, all of us were able to learn about independence and responsibility, and having fun. It enhanced team building and leadership skills as well as the social aspect of promoting teamwork and forming new friendships. We were able to show appreciation of a different culture, upbringing and exposure to a local school and village life. We were able to learn so much outside the classroom, such a joy!