Siku Ya Swahili

The whole school; students, teachers, administration all came together on Friday the 10th May to celebrate the language, fashion, culture and food of the Swahili people.

Everyone tried to ensure they dressed the part and it was colourful to see the new Leso/Kanga and Kikoy styles.
Students were involved in numerous activities such as learning to tie and use the kanga in 100 ways, learning Swahili Songs and games, Language café, reading Swahili books, art activities as well as playing various language games that helped them learn a lot of new Swahili vocabulary.

During the snack break and lunch everyone was treated to various Swahili delicacies such as mahamri, viazi karai, dates, kaimati and biryani.

At the end of the day students had this to say: "Today I learnt a lot about the Swahili people and it was a fun experience to learn even further a language I am being taught." [Vineet]. "I had the opportunity to learn that the Swahili Language is used a lot in Disney movies like Lion King." [Kieran]. "I really enjoyed learning new Swahili games. It was so much fun." [Mumu FS2]’

I am definitely looking forward to another beautiful day like this one. If learning a language was so much fun I would learn a new language every day!

Mrs Chege, Swahili Teacher