Boma Bound

What an amazing, electrifying trip this was!  Even though it was chilly and dump from the previous day’s heavy rains, this didn’t dampen the spirits of the excited, Year 3 children who couldn’t wait to witness and experience the cultural dances of the different Kenyan tribes. No words were needed to explain the jubilation in the children as their joyful faces and inability to stay sat on their chairs, but rather jump on stage to join in dances explained it all. Watching Trey turn into a high, jumping Maasai Moran; Minori into a Maasai lady, and the rest of the children, accompanied by some teachers into enthusiastic, fast dancing Luhyas on stage was exhilarating. 

In addition, the exploration of the Bomas (traditional African villages) was extremely educative and an eye opener to many children who had so many questions to ask. The boys were over the moon when they realized that in those days, most Kenyan boys had their “own hut,” which to them was the best thing ever, and they couldn’t help but claim territory in every boys’ hut we came across. Allround it was an inspirational trip for our Year 3 and a wonderful way to come to the close of the year.