I would like to congratulate our candidates from years 11 and 13 who performed so well in their IGCSE and A level examinations respectively. I am very happy to announce that all of our year 13 students have successfully gained entry to Universities and Colleges in all parts of the world.
Overall school performance and top candidate performances can be accessed on the link below.

D. Dunn
Head Teacher

Brilliant Braeburn IGCSE Performers

Brilliant Braeburn A Level Performers

Talent in the Art World at Braeburn

Yejun - Year 11

Paula - Year 11

What a pleasure it is to bring you some of the work of Year 11 class. We have been busy experimenting with different media in our Still life drawings. I am pleased with the way the students draw the soul of their subjects.

Someone I look up to once said that you might forget the things that a person says to you, but you'll always remember the way they made you feel. Somehow these drawings do this--they bring to mind fleeting moments and even sounds.

Mr. Mutwo (Head of Art)