U7 Football Fun

On Saturday Braeburn under 7 football teams represented the school in a football festival at Brookhouse Runda. We had two teams of mixed boys and girls, an A and B and both did us proud. Well done to all of our players for their enthusiasm and postiive approach to all their games.

Year 2 Go Back in Time

Year 2 children had the opportunity to visit the Nairobi National Museum as part of their topic work on Early Man. This started with a tour of the birds gallery where the pupils were able to see hundreds of birds found in Kenya, their eggs and nests. After that they visited the mammals gallery where they saw different mammals and reviewed their characteristics as studied in science last term. They later toured the Kenyan history gallery where they saw lots of things about Kenya's rich history and culture.

The culmination of this trip was a tour of the Early Man gallery where pupils were able to see in real life the Turkana boy and Early Man's lifestyle!

Pupils were also greatly excited to visit the Nairobi snake park where they saw different reptiles. The most fascinating being the snakes! They learnt a thing or two about their habitats, what they eat and how venomous they are.

Not only did they take home a lot of information, they had an amazing day!

International Swimming Recognition

Congratulations to Nurayn and Abdul Bagha for being selected and representing Kenya at the Confederation Africaine de Natation Amateur ( CANA) Zone IV Junior Championships in Windhoek, Namibia from the 16th to the 20th February.

Nurayn performed oustandingly in the Open Water Swim and earned a well deserved Podium Finish.

Learning Never Ends

Learning should never stop and it is a priority for Braeburn to provide learning of the highest quality not only to our pupils but to our teaching and non-teaching staff on a regular basis. 

This week we welcomed our fourth overseas trainer of teachers for this academic year. In August, we learned how to provide an even more adaptive and responsive curriculum to our Early Years pupils so they could learn about things that were of greatest interest to them. We also looked at developing excellence in mathematics and science for our pupils in Key Stages 1, 2 and 3. Then in November the senior leadership team enjoyed a very informative course on developing wellbeing in the pupils and staff while the Learning Support department participated in a special educational needs course.

This week, leaders and those aspiring to become leaders from across the Braeburn group of schools, have spent 4 days reflecting on leadership, management and how they can develop in these areas. They found the course engaging, stimulating and highly rewarding, with comments on how it was the finest professional development they had experienced. The 6 teachers from our primary school emerged from the course even more energised and inspired than they had been when it began on Monday morning. They and we very much look forward to the impact this will make on taking our school to new heights.

Superb Sagana

Last week, Year 7s enjoyed 4 days of thrilling adventure in Sagana-Savage Wilderness Campsite. 64 students and 7 teachers stretched their mental capacities to explore what was possible and impossible to complete.

During the days, in their respective groups, the students zip lined, kayaked, rock climbed, river ducked and did some archery. The evenings were filled with night games and fun activities. Sleep came easily and most were quiet (maybe sleeping) by 10pm and had to be roused from the tents/cabins the next morning at 7am.

On the last night the students shared their highlights of the week and by a huge consensus, the surprise night walk on the first night and the delicious food were voted as most memorable.  

Overall, the students showed fantastic teamwork, creativity and resilience among other skills throughout the week. Thanks to the students for behaving mostly impeccably and also to the staff that supported the trip. It all made for a very enjoyable week.