Mega Morning of Music

Pupils from Foundation Stage 2 to Year 8 were wowed on Thursday morning by the performances of over 50 of their peers, ranging in age from 4 to 13. 

Pieces were played on the piano, guitar, violin, clarinet, drums and some used the beauty of the human voice. Well known and loved pieces were performed, as well as some original songs written by the pupils themselves. This included 'Hope', a poignant song written and performed by a Year 8 pupil in response to the Ducit2 attack.

Some of the pupils have been learning to play music for years, and their performances greatly impressed their audience. Others have been playing for only a few months yet confidently and competently took the stage and played really well. There was also a Year 8 pupil whose abilities have only just been revealed. He was a natural on stage and will be taking a lead role now in this term's musical.

Around 200 of our pupils play an instrument and hopefully others will now be inspired to take up an instrument and develop a love of all things musical. The Mega Morning of Music was the first of a number of musical events this term and our appetite for more has certainly been whetted.

A superb morning by all concerned - congratulations to all of our wonderful musicians!

Mega Time at Mega Camp

Located at 6,999 feet above sea level in Naro Moru, Batian's View Camp on the base of Mt Kenya was the site for the annual Braeburn Schools Mega Camp. Four Schools converged at the site to forge friendships amongst scouts and learn some outdoor activities.
The camp ran from Thursday 17th to Saturday 19th January. The programme of activities was exciting, with scouts zip-lining, sky-walking, building shelters and cooking their own dinners. The scouts took it all on with great pride and energy, finishing all the tasks wonderfully. 
To cap this, they managed to take a hike to the pine forest nearby and enjoy the view of majestic Mt Kenya and the rolling Aberdare Range opposite. They appreciated the fresh air that was on offer as well as delicious and energy giving meals.
They never forget that they are scouts and since they were in the neighbourhood of where the founder of the scout movement lived, they paid a visit to Nyeri to see his house and where he was laid to rest when he died. In the lush grounds of Outspan Hotel in Nyeri, they visited 'Paxtu' the last home of Lord Baden Powell. Here, they imagined how life must have been with the help of Mr Benson from Outspan Hotel. They noticed that Baden Powell was in love with Mt Kenya, because on the verandah, they could see, through the tree branches, the glorious mountain. At is final resting place, three kilometres away, they noticed that he was buried at a site which ensured that Mt Kenya was visible.
The scouts hugely enjoyed the trip and learnt many things about the great outdoors.

Hockey Clinic

Over 60 enthusiastic children from Years 1 to 3 had a fantastic time developing their hockey skills on Saturday 19th January. They worked on their dribbling ability, striking, passing and control skills. They then put all of these together in match situations.

They were coached and supported by their class teachers, teaching assistants and the PE teachers, with lots of parents encouraging them from the sidelines. 

We are already very much looking forward to our second clinic for the Year 1 - 3s later in the term.

IAPS Rounders Champions

Braeburn IAPS Rounders Champions

Rounders players from the 10 IAPS (Independent Association of Preparatory Schools) schools in Kenya converged on Hillcrest at the weekend to compete in the annual rounders tournament. They enjoyed a day of strong competition played in good spirit.

Our U13s played well, although found it tough on the day to get the number of rounders on the board that they would have expected. They missed out on the semi-finals of the main competition but made it to the finals of the plate where they lost narrowly to St. Andrew's. They can be pleased with their positive attitude and supportive teamwork, with Yebo leading them well by example.

The Braeburn U11s got off to a slow start but raised their focus and their game to beat Kenton and then Greensteds in the group stage. It was a tight game against The Banda in the semi-finals. The girls did wonderfully to keep The Banda from scoring at all in the first 10 balls of the innings having set a target of 4 1/2 rounders in theirs. The accurate bowling and committed fielding were key to Braeburn winning the game and advancing to the final where they played Pembroke.

There was a great spectator turn-out for the final which was played over 2 innings. Our U11s got off to a strong start and gradually accumulated a good number of rounders in the 1st innings. Pembroke batted well, but again the bowling and fielding by Braeburn was of a high standard and limited their score. The tension in the second innings was palpable but the girls held their nerve, batting, bowling and fielding strongly again, emerging victorious and becoming the first ever U11 or U13 Braeburn rounders team to win the tournament.

Huge congratulations to them and to their coach, Mrs Ledward, for a superb performance.

Well done as well to Caterina of our U13s for her selection to represent the Nairobi Schools team to play the Up-Country Schools later in the term. 

Annual Douglas Buchanan Maths Challenge

U9 Maths Excellence

U11 U13 Maths Excellence

Twelve Braeburn students from Years 3 to 8 travelled to Kenton College for the annual Douglas Buchanan Maths Challenge. Here they took on testing maths puzzles and competed against other schools from Nairobi, Mombasa and beyond. All the teams represented Braeburn very well and gave their maths brains a good workout.

Results wise the Year 8s won their section, the Year 4s came second and the Year 5s came third. Well done to all students who travelled.