Boma Bound

What an amazing, electrifying trip this was!  Even though it was chilly and dump from the previous day’s heavy rains, this didn’t dampen the spirits of the excited, Year 3 children who couldn’t wait to witness and experience the cultural dances of the different Kenyan tribes. No words were needed to explain the jubilation in the children as their joyful faces and inability to stay sat on their chairs, but rather jump on stage to join in dances explained it all. Watching Trey turn into a high, jumping Maasai Moran; Minori into a Maasai lady, and the rest of the children, accompanied by some teachers into enthusiastic, fast dancing Luhyas on stage was exhilarating. 

In addition, the exploration of the Bomas (traditional African villages) was extremely educative and an eye opener to many children who had so many questions to ask. The boys were over the moon when they realized that in those days, most Kenyan boys had their “own hut,” which to them was the best thing ever, and they couldn’t help but claim territory in every boys’ hut we came across. Allround it was an inspirational trip for our Year 3 and a wonderful way to come to the close of the year.

Learning on Track

As part of the Year 4 history curriculum, we have been learning about the construction of the Kenyan Railway. We wanted to support the children's studies by taking them to the Railway Museum where they had the opportunity to listen to an informative talk, study artefacts from the railway, see and explore the train carriages and have their questions answered by experts. Some of the pupils favourite parts of the trip was getting to sit in seats that Queen Elizabeth had sat in, touching the claws of the man eating lions and exploring the train carriage that the man eating lions had been inside. We ended the day with some fun on a water slide and bouncy castles.

All in all, a very lovely day. 

The Big Draw Primary School Awards 2018/19

The Big Draw is an annual event and is the world’s largest drawing festival with the goal of promoting visual literacy and art education. This year’s theme was “PLAY” where children and adults who are ‘kids at heart’ could celebrate art by letting loose, discovering new things, embracing happy accidents, and of course drawing!

The Big Draw judges all felt that Braeburn School scored highly on the various criteria they look for such as innovation, quality, audience engagement, imaginative use of materials/approaches, engaging with the local community and/or partners, celebrating their work and outcomes, diversity etc. Achieving huge success due to the imagination and passion of those involved.

Braeburn Science Fayre

Year 8 immersed themselves in a week of scientific enquiry and experimentation as they prepared for both our internal science fayre and our inter-schools science fayre. The presentations were selected by the Year 8s relating to their own interests. They then researched them and spent time creating their presentations. There were a great range of scientific aspects chosen, including explorations of erosion prevention, electromagnetic train models, acidic food testing for people suffering from stomach ulcers, an exploration of air pressure in creating patterns with smoke and knocking over objects, and a model of the human digestive system, to name a few.

The pupils from Years 1 to 7 came to admire and learn from the myriad of Year 8 presentations and were impressed with what the Year 8s had created. They left enthused about science and keen to have their own investigations.

On the Friday it was fantastic to welcome pupils from St. Andrew’s, Greensteds, Hillcrest and Kenton with their scientific presentations.

World Cup Wonders

As it is tradition, to celebrate the end of Key Stage 1 assessments, Year 2 children and teachers have a Mini World Cup Football Fun Day with their counterparts at Braeburn Garden Estate (BGE). As the Women’s World Cup is going on in France, this year's timing of the Year 2 Mini World Cup is particularly timely.

The weather was warm and sunny - perfect for the day. Every child in Year 2 from both schools played at least three matches of 15 minutes in their pools and the progressive stages. After the elimination stages, teams moved to the quarter finals and then semi-finals; all the matches were entertaining and fun to watch.

Finally, the moment we had all been waiting for came with Germany (Team BGE) taking on France (Team Braeburn School) for the finals! Both teams played amazingly well. It was a very tense game with chants of BGE and BGR all around! The game was at 0-0 for a long time. Then Michelle of Braeburn School shocked us all with her brilliant goal to put Braeburn School up at 1-0. There would have been more goals but the defense from both sides was super tight. The final whistle saw Braeburn School pupils jump into a dance as they knew they were taking the trophy back to Gitanga Road as promised to Mr. Bailey earlier that morning.

All in all everyone had a great day. Lots of talent was on display and a lot of fun was had by all, but above all new friendships were born.

Thank you to all the parents and guardians who came to support us at BGE.

Congratulations to Team Germany for a game well played and to Team France for ensuring we brought back the Mini World Cup trophy! Toutes nos félicitations!