Mathematical Marvels

After being chosen from Year 7 and 8 after an in-school competition, the Braeburn team of 4 travelled to Nairobi Academy on Thursday 6th of June for the annual Junior Maths Challenge.
First up in the competition were the Year 7 and year 8 individual challenges, followed by a team challenge. The individuals performed strongly with Jiwon winning the Year 8 category, Albion coming in 3rd in the same age group and Shlok taking 2nd in the Year 7's.
In the overall team competition there were excellent contributions from each of the team members which saw Braeburn School once again take the shield as competition winners. A brilliant achievement by Shlok, Rafe, Albion and Jiwon.
It was very pleasing to witness our two Year 7 students address all the visiting students and teachers so confidently over the microphone at the end of the challenge to give their feedback on the day.

Scouts Working for a Better World

For the past six years, Braeburn Scouts have dedicated term three as a tree planting season. This year we had very enthusiastic contributions from our young environmentalists because, for the first time since we started, we had at least three seedlings from the 27 scouts who generously contributed towards this venture. Consequently, 117 seedlings were planted today which equates to Ksh 52,850!

After a busy one and half hours of planting, we went to the Ruaka Picnic Site inside Karura Forest for a picnic lunch and enjoy the serene beauty of the forest.

We wish to thank parents for the support towards this exercise and we look forward to another. The Friends of Karura Forest (FKF) today acknowledged that Braeburn Scouts have proved to be the most active in planting these trees and it is all because of the help we get from the parents. We thank you most sincerely.

Truly, the scouts have improved the lungs of Nairobi today.

Have an oxygen-filled week!

Siku Ya Swahili

The whole school; students, teachers, administration all came together on Friday the 10th May to celebrate the language, fashion, culture and food of the Swahili people.

Everyone tried to ensure they dressed the part and it was colourful to see the new Leso/Kanga and Kikoy styles.
Students were involved in numerous activities such as learning to tie and use the kanga in 100 ways, learning Swahili Songs and games, Language café, reading Swahili books, art activities as well as playing various language games that helped them learn a lot of new Swahili vocabulary.

During the snack break and lunch everyone was treated to various Swahili delicacies such as mahamri, viazi karai, dates, kaimati and biryani.

At the end of the day students had this to say: "Today I learnt a lot about the Swahili people and it was a fun experience to learn even further a language I am being taught." [Vineet]. "I had the opportunity to learn that the Swahili Language is used a lot in Disney movies like Lion King." [Kieran]. "I really enjoyed learning new Swahili games. It was so much fun." [Mumu FS2]’

I am definitely looking forward to another beautiful day like this one. If learning a language was so much fun I would learn a new language every day!

Mrs Chege, Swahili Teacher

Nanyuki Cross-Country

The second Braeburn Nanyuki cross-country event took place on Saturday, 11th May.

Our development team left Braeburn School on the Friday for the 4 hour journey, with the first team heading up to Turi for the IAPS cross-country event. The students, dressed in their white branded T-shirts, were so excited about the trip and looking forward to the challenge ahead. We got to our overnight accommodation in Nanyuki by the evening where we received a warm welcome from the staff and settled into the spacious rooms.  Afterwards we took to the playground where we played recovery games while the coaches supervised, some players opted for recovery runs and later did stretches as a team. Dinner was ready by 7pm and afterwards we had team building games and storytelling by the bonfire before going to bed at 8.30pm.

On the Saturday morning we left the resort for Tumbili Farm, the venue for the cross country. This year runeers from Braeburn Nanyuki, Braeburn Imani, Braeside, GEMS Cambridge and our own Braeburn School competed. We had  a quick warm up at the venue before kicking off the race with U9s followed by U11s and lastly U13s.

Our students put up a great run in the hot weather over the hilly and rough terrain. We managed to win 3 medals by Henry, who won gold in the U9 boys category, Fransisca who won silver in the U13 girls and bronze from Nadia in the U13 girls as well. Our development team came a very commendable third overall against the first teams of the other schools and left Nanyuki upbeat from their effort and with the hope of winning the event come next year. Our journey back was smooth and successful. What a great team effort from Braeburn School!

IAPS Cross-Country at Turi

This year’s IAPS Cross Country at Turi, was upon us on Saturday 11th May. As usual, this is that time of the year where we call upon the children to dig deep in themselves to find their endurance, resilience and sheer determination to conquer the tough terrain at Turi, which is not only as rugged as they come, but also at a higher altitude than our children are used to running in Nairobi.
The run up to the actual event, started off with the Iten High Altitude training two weeks ago, which was attended by many of our runners for their warm up. Our journey on Friday 10th, had the children excited, and the thought of camping out on the field made it even better. On the Saturday morning, the children woke up in high spirits, and before breakfast, walked the course and had a feel of what the 3km runners would be encountering.
At the starting point at 09:30hrs, the U9 girls who were to run 3kms eagerly awaited the start. We had 6 representatives from Braeburn, as had every other school. Our girls did an amazing job, with all of them completing their race. In as much as they were not among the top girls to finish, they did justice to the race. The U9 Boys and the U11 girls, were up next, and in the latter race we had two out of the 6 runners in our school finishing in top 10 positions. These were Lara and Carla, dramatically finishing at position 7 & 8 respectively for the U11 girls, and there was notable effort from Trey, Nhial, and Lorenzo for the U9 boys.  
In the U11 boys and the U13 girls’ races, we had some outstanding performances from Kit and Caterina, who were both second in their races with a convincing distance between them and the third placed runners. The U13 boys’ race was the longest of the day. They were to run a distance of 5.2 km, which required them to display an attitude that was above and beyond the rest. Our boys all crossed the finish line, and although they did not finish in the top 10 positions their effort was remarkable.
In terms of participation, this was the best team that has taken part at the event in a while, and they should all be commended for their performance on the day.