ELITE PLAYER FOOTBALL PROGRAMME AT BRAEBURN – the team play their first match and win 12-3

The Elite Player Football Programme headed up by UEFA and CAF qualified coach Tim Bryett is run in partnership with Braeburn School and offers the opportunity for students to pursue their ambitions of becoming a professional footballer while at the same time excelling in their educational goals.

Tim Bryett comes with a wealth of experience from coaching in the Kenyan Premier League, Brazil and English Academies and working with professional and national team players in areas of tactical, technical and conditioning.

The programme offers the players an opportunity to experience what it is like to train like a professional player under the close guidance of their coach. However, to qualify to join the programme each player must excel in school, in their behaviour, attitude, homework, time keeping and commitment to their studies. This is to ensure that the players build a solid education to give them good future prospects if they don’t quite make the right level as a player.

Captain Arthur stated:
Why don’t many African Footballers make it in Europe? I have lived in Kenya and Egypt, and had the chance to see raw talent and young boys full of potential and desire to make it in the big leagues.
We lack one major key to success, practice. Statistics show that to reach the level of a professional footballer you must have practiced many hours at a high level from a young age while receiving top coaching. When I look at the average Kenyan player who would like to pursue football, they don’t get that opportunity until this programme started.

Braeburn has been known for is great sporting accolades, but what about those who want to pursue sports as a career? With the TB Academy working with Braeburn School, we are experiencing what it takes to train regularly during the week while striving for a top education. Although this isn’t a youth team in Europe, it is a step closer to achieving the dreams that many of us have of becoming footballers.
The programme started in February 2016 and our training has been fruitful as last weekend we played our first match against the new trialists starting the same programme at BGE and won 12-3. These are the first signs of our progress and, who knows, one day you might be watching us on TV.

Assistant Captain Lucas describes the first match:
The match started slightly delayed at 1:45 and it was a challenging first half for us as the BGE trialists were trying to prove why they should join the programme and making it difficult to get through the middle. In the first half we only managed two goals from Andrew and Arthur. BGE scored from just outside the box making the score in the first half 2-1 to us. At half time we had a talk with Coach Tim Bryett and we saw our mistakes and how to improve them. The second half was a more entertaining half as we settled into our strategy and went on to score ten goals and conceded two making the final score a 12-3 win. The final goal scorers were, Andrew 5, Arthur 3, Arthur 2, Lucas 2. BGE played very well but the level of training eventually showed as we managed to break them down. There were remarkable performances from Mohamed and Andrew. It was a very exciting first match and a very good experience for all of us.

Braeburn High School Work Experience Programme

Our year 10 students were out of school from 25th to 27th May to 24 organisations IN Nairobi where they were able to sample career options, get an experience of a career they may be considering or just be introduced to the world of work and the skills that it requires.  The opportunities included aircraft maintenance, law firms, a hospital, special education, accounting, hospitality, architects, marketing and a research institute among many others.  Here is one students’ experience:

Isaac Kisongoche,
Work Related Learning Coordinator.

 “I was placed at a law firm, Oraro & Company Advocates. I arrived sharply dressed in my suit slightly nervous but ready for the experience. Some of the highlights of my experience were my visit to the various courts: Supreme, Industrial & High Courts. I watched in awe as the judges grilled the lawyers. After these great experiences, I was tasked to write a demand letter and analyse some cases. The language in the affidavits was most challenging to understand, however I pulled through successfully! Some words I learnt were: "Plaintiff" "Defamation" "Appellant". Prior to the work experience I wanted to be an engineer, however I'm now considering law! I learnt many things: punctuality, responsibility and the ethics of a work environment. I felt like a real lawyer and experienced how it feels to give justice to people. It was a great experience and I enjoyed every bit of it. I would like to thank Mr Kisongoche for his hard work and the countless nights he spent ensuring everyone had an enjoyable and memorable work experience. As a prefect, I would also like to thank all companies that took Braeburn students as interns and Braeburn High School for providing us with this valuable opportunity.

PS : After the work experience my English has become better as can be noticed in the above.”

Shayaan, 10H

Grease Rehearsals

Rehearsals for this year’s school production of Grease are in full swing. As these photos show, the cast is thoroughly enjoying the rehearsal process. On Friday of last week they performed a taster of some of the numbers from the show for the year 7 & 8 assembly and received an enthusiastic response. They are now looking forward to performing for the Braeburn community with eager anticipation.