Our community

At Braeburn, we are proud of our cosmopolitan and diverse student and parent bodies.  We have over 90 nationalities and cultures represented, which makes for an eclectic and interesting group of people.

Our children learn to respect and appreciate the differences between our many cultures, traditions and beliefs through lessons and each other.

It follows that a lot of our parents come from all over the world; for some it is their first time in East Africa, and for many they have left behind family, friends and careers.  For all our parents, whether local or international, they are dealing with having the children out of the home, and this can also leave an emotional and social gap.  For this and numerous other reasons, Braeburn has a strong community ethos, where we actively encourage our parents and guardians to become part of the Braeburn family, forging friendships that will last across the miles and years.

Braeburn School is in a most fortunate position to be able to offer facilities and activities for our families to take advantage of as much, or as little, as they wish.

Braeburn Coffee Shop

The Braeburn Coffee Shop welcomes all our parents to stop in for something to eat and drink at drop off time and at pick up time.  With Nairobi traffic, it is often easy to stay on in the morning and have a cup of coffee or tea and a bit of breakfast, served by our friendly Braeburn staff and at friendly Braeburn prices.  Many friendships are made over a social cup of chai (tea).

From time to time, the Braeburn Public Relations department will hold workshops or presentations of interest called “Coffee Shop Conversations”, where we invite our community to join us for a discussion or debate about a topical issue.

Braeburn Business Centre

The Braeburn Business Centre can be found above the main reception area.  The Business Centre is used both for school and community work.  Parents are welcome to use the “cyber café” keeping up with emails and social media or take advantage of other office facilities such as printing, scanning, binding and laminating.

Braeburn Book Exchange

The Braeburn Book Exchange is located in the Business Centre.  We encourage parents to read avidly, thus encouraging our children to follow suit.  We have a wide selection of books, which can be swopped for free, or you can buy books for only Ksh200/-.  Most definitely the most affordable book store in town!

Braeburn Lifelong Learning

We believe that learning never ends!  Therefore at Braeburn, we have a Lifelong Learning centre where we offer classes in languages and crafts.  The dynamic changes based on demand by the parents at the time.  We welcome suggestions in the Public Relations Department, which leads the Lifelong Learning facility.

Braeburn Club

There are not many schools that offer a club like the one at Braeburn.  It is most beloved and gives our adult community - parents, staff and private members - a chance to socialise after school hours.  The Club offers a bar and restaurant facility and on the Sports Terrace, we will often show the latest sport and now and again, hold quiz nights for the grown-ups.

As a Club member, parents can also join the Braeburn Fitness Centre, and access the swimming pool and racket facilities at set times.

The Club is closely associated with the Theatre, and is available to our theatre-going audiences as well.

Braeburn Fitness Centre

Braeburn has a complete workout and spin area in the Sports Hall.  Parents must be members of the Braeburn Club and can then make use of the gym facilities.  We hold a broad range of fitness classes, from Aerobics to Zumba, for our parents, first thing in the morning and after 5pm in the evening.

Braeburn Theatres

Braeburn has two theatres on the premises – the Main Braeburn Theatre, which has a seating capacity of over 400 and the Austin Room, which holds a little over 100 people.  We have an amateur theatre group called the Braeburn Players, so any parents who are interested in theatre, whether on or behind stage, are most welcome to join us.  Or if you just enjoy attending the theatre, you can join our database and receive information of all the performances, from drama, to comedy, to dance, to orchestra.  We also host TED Talk events (TEDxBraeburnSchools) every Saturday in the Austin Room.  The annual Braeburn pantomime traditionally kicks off the Christmas season and is a well-loved part of Nairobi life.  

The theatres are used extensively by the children, giving them huge advantages in drama, music and public speaking.


Braeburn regularly has events for the families of our community.  We celebrate Diwali and other traditional festivals, hold International / Cultural Days and Family Discos, to say nothing of various sporting and charity events throughout the year, and of course, the popular outdoor movie nights on the field when weather permits.


In addition to correspondence from school, we also have an Events newsletter, which keeps you up to date with upcoming events and activities throughout the year.  We encourage you to follow our Facebook page and utilise the website for additional information about Braeburn.

Moving to a new country, home and school can be a daunting exercise, but as part of the Braeburn community we are there to help you make the transition as pleasant and happy as possible, giving you platforms to make friends and make your integration into Nairobi life more complete.  After all, a happy family ensures we have happy children.  Welcome to the Braeburn experience!

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