Last Saturday 10 boys and girls participated and competed at the Braeburn Sports Festival for all round talented students. All the Braeburn Schools attended from Tanzania, Mombasa, Imani, Nanyuki and Kisumu. Students were mixed from differing schools and true Braeburn diversity was celebrated through sporting activity. It was a wonderful 2 day event, which resulted in students making friends with peers from other Braeburn School and the feeling of great Braeburn unity.


Our students demonstrated outstanding team spirit and high levels of fitness and they should be highly commended for their participation, commitment and example.

SUSSEX UNIVERSITY DEBATE Talha Butt- Finalist- A High Achieving Performance

I was most proud of our 6th Form participation at the University Debate on Wednesday this week. The topics were very challenging but due to great teamwork and support, our students performed outstandingly. Talha Butt was the lead representative and he should be very proud of his debating performance. Clearly our 6th Form were completely behind him which greatly assisted his own self belief. Out of 8 Schools, Talha made the final and came second to an outstanding Oshwal debater.



Peace One Day was wonderfully celebrated on the 21st September at Braeburn School. Performances were prepared by students of the years 8 to 13 in poetry, spoken word and music. The day was full of passion and emotion and student’s understanding of “Peace in our time “ was highlighted. We were particularly fortunate to host Mr Ian Stamp, who gave us all a deeper insight into major global conflicts and the reasons why humankind continually stumbles in their efforts to achieve peace.

Students of Braeburn understood that making change was a vision for the future and involved the future leaders of the global world in all aspects of society. It was also understood that students in current education are the influencers for peace in the years to come.



The aim of the workshop was to outline the current trends, sites and apps that are being used by young people, how these are operating and what some of the potential threats there are posed to our students. We also discussed ideas for best practice in helping to keep children safe whilst online and some of the methods parents can employ to encourage responsible and critical use of the internet.

Many aspects of safety and general awareness came to light. Parent contribution was appreciated and valuable. Mrs Jackson, who led the evening will be making the power point presentation available on the mobile application.

We wish to thank all parents that attended on the evening.


Braeburn Secondary Sport has commenced in it’s traditional way with students in cricket, rounders and football turning up in numbers for practise.

Looking and observing at the talent in the school combined with our committed staff, we are looking forward to great TEAM success this year. I am sure there will be many exciting achievements and heroic moments.