Year 3 Explores Maasai Culture on Karen Village Trip

24th June 2024

In Weeks 6 and 9, Year 3 pupils went on a day trip to the Maasai Village to learn about one of Kenya's most well known tribes, the Masaai. We explored the Maasai way of life, learning about their unique housing called manyattas, made from cow dung and built on large spaces of land. We also learnt about the Masaai tribe's nomadic lifestyle, their role as herdsmen, and their reputation as fierce warriors known as the Manyaras.

My favourite part of the trip was when we got to make intricate Maasai jewellery from colourful beads, experiencing firsthand the cultural significance of these jewels. Other children enjoyed listening to Masaai music, playing games like tug of war, and some even enjoyed seeing how the tribe cooks over an open firewood flame.

Despite the rainy weather, we had lots of fun and enjoyed experiencing more of the Kenyan culture than we do on a normal day at school.

By Ciara, 3B

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