Innovation and Creativity @ the Braeburn Science Fayre

21st June 2024

On Friday, 21st June, Braeburn School hosted an exhilarating Science Fayre that brought together Year 8 pupils from Braeburn, Braeburn Garden Estate, Peponi, Brookhouse Runda and Karen, and Braeburn Nanyuki. The Fayre featured an impressive array of STEM-themed projects, highlighting the ingenuity and scientific curiosity of our pupils.

The projects on display ranged from kinetic energy-powered homes to smart cities, water filtering systems, soil conservation aids, water catchment systems and medicinal jellies, among many others. Each project demonstrated not only a deep understanding of scientific principles but also a creative approach to solving real-world problems. It was truly inspiring to see these young minds bringing their ideas to life and addressing some of the pressing challenges of our time.

The rest of the school had the opportunity to view these remarkable projects, leaving many inspired to create their own solutions to life's challenges. This event therefore underscores the importance of fostering a love for science and innovation from an early age.

A special thanks goes to the parents who supported their children by attending the Fayre and assisting with the preparation of the projects. Your support was invaluable in making this event a success and encouraging our future scientists and innovators.

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