Back To The Future Day

13th May 2021

Back To The Future Day

To celebrate our learning of history, the Year 4 pupils went ‘Back to the Future’ for an exciting off-timetable day. The pupils demonstrated their creativity by either dressing up as someone from the past or as someone from the future! We had everyone from Marie Curie, to Nelson Mandela, to a human-sized robot! We were amazed and delighted to see the incredible effort and enthusiasm the pupils put into their costumes.

Pupils began their day with going on a ‘journey through time’ in our scavenger hunt. They searched for clues about different eras and poignant moments of history, around the school grounds. Pupils were able to create a timeline of these events: from the Ancient Egyptians to the first moon landing!

The time-travelling pupils then had the opportunity to reflect and consider what they would like to tell their future selves. We wrote letters and put together class time-capsules to be buried. Some pupils brought in trinkets and special items to remind their future selves of what was currently happening in their lives and in the world.

We then got creative as pupils designed and made their own model time-machines! Lama in 4B described the activity saying, “I enjoyed that we could create whatever we wanted. For my time machine you need a handprint scan and you can go anywhere in the past or the future! It was so fun!”

After a fun-packed day, we reflected on how happy and lucky we are to be in the here and now - although flying cars and robot teachers do sound pretty cool!