Braeburn High School Work Experience Programme

13th June 2016


Our year 10 students were out of school from 25th to 27th May to 24 organisations IN Nairobi where they were able to sample career options, get an experience of a career they may be considering or just be introduced to the world of work and the skills that it requires.  The opportunities included aircraft maintenance, law firms, a hospital, special education, accounting, hospitality, architects, marketing and a research institute among many others.  Here is one students’ experience:

Isaac Kisongoche,
Work Related Learning Coordinator.

 “I was placed at a law firm, Oraro & Company Advocates. I arrived sharply dressed in my suit slightly nervous but ready for the experience. Some of the highlights of my experience were my visit to the various courts: Supreme, Industrial & High Courts. I watched in awe as the judges grilled the lawyers. After these great experiences, I was tasked to write a demand letter and analyse some cases. The language in the affidavits was most challenging to understand, however I pulled through successfully! Some words I learnt were: "Plaintiff" "Defamation" "Appellant". Prior to the work experience I wanted to be an engineer, however I'm now considering law! I learnt many things: punctuality, responsibility and the ethics of a work environment. I felt like a real lawyer and experienced how it feels to give justice to people. It was a great experience and I enjoyed every bit of it. I would like to thank Mr Kisongoche for his hard work and the countless nights he spent ensuring everyone had an enjoyable and memorable work experience. As a prefect, I would also like to thank all companies that took Braeburn students as interns and Braeburn High School for providing us with this valuable opportunity.

PS : After the work experience my English has become better as can be noticed in the above.”

Shayaan, 10H