Braeburn Science Fair

28th June 2021

The Braeburn Science Fair, an event where pupils are able to showcase science projects of their choice, has been a tradition for many years.

Year 8 pupils were given a brief refresher of the 17 UN sustainable development goals, and encouraged to come up with an idea or project which could help achieve these goals. Another theme they were encouraged to consider was a project to increase awareness of the COVID-19 pandemic, and measures to prevent further spread. The pupils were not limited to these themes and were also encouraged to research any other topic of interest to them. The favourite projects nominated by each class are below:

  • Which surfaces in our school have the most microrganisms
  • Understanding haemophilia
  • Magnetic car engine
  • Bio-luminescence
  • Renewable versus non-renewable
  • Model to show the effect of soap on enveloped viruses
  • Comparing two models of solar ovens
  • Water pump, filtration and wind powered solutionS

This response was heartwarming and the enthusiasm that the pupils greeted the science day was a joy to behold, with some well researched and presented projects from them.

Kit, Stian and Hanisl ' Water wheel, water filter wind mill combo ' (1).JPG
Nizar and Keith project 2.JPG
Pavi and Eesah are so pleased their  magentic car engine worked.JPG