Christmas Around the World

24th November 2019

As it is tradition and as the Christmas season begins, Key Stage 1 had their Christmas production show for the parents on Tuesday.

Staying true to our Braeburn ethos in celebrating diversity, this year’s Key Stage 1 production was entitled ‘Christmas Around the World’, an original play by Mrs. Childs.

The children worked extremely hard to learn their lines and to put on a magical performance. Santa even participated!

Santa Claus was at Braeburn in search of answers……. She wanted to know what Christmas is like for children around the world. Where better to visit than Braeburn School! Well, the Key Stage 1 children did not disappoint! They took Santa to England, India, China and Kenya. For each country, they showcased what Christmas is like for the people that live there. They talked about the weather, food, dance, clothes and so much more!

Santa was very impressed by what she saw and learnt. At the end of it all it was clear that Christmas is celebrated differently in different parts of the world, each country is special in its own unique way. In Santa’s own words…she couldn’t wait to visit them all before Christmas Day!

Congratulations to the Key Stage 1 children and teachers for the wonderful performance!

Merry Christmas!

Krismas Mubarak!


Shèngdàn jié kuàilè!

Krismasi Njema!

Happy holidays from Team KS1