1st March 2020

On the 22nd of February, we resumed community service after a break from midterm. Not everyone attended the community service session but we were still enough to get a lot done within the 3 hours that we usually spend every Saturday. The activities we did were ranging from reading books, colouring, dancing and word searches. In the dancing section we usually teach the children how to dance but this time we added a twist by letting the children teach us what they know in terms of dancing. We spent 50 minutes learning how to dance from these children and it turns out we have more to learn from them than what we have for them. In terms of dancing, they are very talented I must admit. They, however, have a lot of potential when it comes to reading.

A lot of these children speak Kiswahili as a first language and some never had a chance to learn English at all. We tried as much as possible to support the kids that cannot read and teach them slowly because it’s all about the baby steps. They also participated in the more conventional fun activities such as colouring and word searches. What we aim to do now is to add a few more activities so any suggestions will be highly appreciated.