Community Service Responsibility

28th March 2024

Thunder Foundation

The trip to Thunder Foundation was an eye-opening experience as I was able to place myself with students who are less fortunate than I am.

It was great to see how the school used the machinery and equipment that we have previously donated to them into good use in order to facilitate the lives of their students and teachers. Furthermore the students and their parents were very welcoming as we shared meaningful conversations with them after handing them some basic necessary goods that I'm sure is going to impact the rest of their lives.

Hamet - 13G

Group photo


On Wednesday 27th March, a few of our Community Service members took the time to visit KSPCA in an effort to show the care we have for the animals in our community. With a combination of Secondary school and Primary students, as well as some parents, we had a wide variety of age groups to show our appreciation for the dogs, cats, and donkeys which are rescued at KSPCA.

On arrival, our group split into two, and were escorted through the rescue by the lovely members of staff. While assisting in cleaning the shelters, we were allowed to interact with the cats, several of whom were injured or blind. This not only increased our awareness of animal abuse and neglect, but also increased our reverence for the workers and vets at the institution. Extraordinarily, we were able to donate numerous bags of pet food, thanks to the money raised from school events.

The rescue is home to over 400 cats and dogs along with a handful of donkeys. Many of these animals were abandoned and found by the KSPCA team, while others were removed from circumstances involving cruelty and neglect. It was truly heartwarming to witness the animals being handled with such care and love. The staff refer to the veterinarians as superheroes, which couldn’t be a more appropriate title. We as a Community Service Team are immensely grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these animals and encourage others to volunteer or even adopt an animal from KSPCA, the gratifying feeling is certainly unmatched.

Jasmine, 12L

The Community Service trip to KSPCA was an enlightening experience with a group of Highschool and Primary students, teachers, and parents who were all keen on showing their love for animals and in specific, rescued animals.

As a group, we were able to learn about the cats, dogs, and donkeys rescued at KSPCA as well as interact with them, and aid in cleaning up their shelters. The amazing team at KSPCA who work to ensure the animals are protected and well cared for welcomed us warmly and showed us around their facility.

Thanks to the money we raised through the community service events we have carried out throughout the term, we were able to purchase and donate bags of pet food to KSPCA in order to play a part in the care of these rescued animals.

Hearing the backstories of the animals and learning about the issues they face daily allowed us to appreciate the animals more and the KSPCA superheroes who care for them. This trip was very heartwarming and it was a joy being able to aid these animals and the people who look after them.

Anisi, 12S

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