Community Service

16th November 2021

Dagoretti School for Special Needs

Early September 2021, Community Service students went on a feasibility study trip to Dagoretti School for Special Needs to identify areas that require support.

He told us about the beading classes and the two transition classes that are operating; Baking and tailoring.

Students further their skills in one of these areas so that once they graduate they can be independent and earn a living.

It was a great opportunity for us to think about what areas of the school we could help in. There were numerous discussions from working on the playground to donating colouring books, beads, and teaching supplies.

One 23 year old was a student of the tailoring transition class. His teacher showed us his amazing work and told us he has excelled in this class and soon he will graduate with the skills to tailor at home.

The first visit concluded on the need to act and bring happiness to the home

The second visit was to donate the supplies we had bought using funds raised from the peace one day project.

We met all the children from ages as low as 10 and as high as 23.