11th August 2019


At last, we made it’ were the words of my colleague Steve Gasigwa.

We were all very excited to graduate, but there was a feeling of sadness as we were saying goodbye to a place where we created so many wonderful memories together. As we marched through the school, I reminisced on all the memories that I have made through my years in Braeburn. We stepped on to the red carpet and were warmly welcomed by our parents, friends and members of the graduates’ family. The ceremony began with a welcome from our Sixth Form Head, Mr Naulikha.  Musical performances by Tadiwa, Paul, Nelson, Kamba, Jane, Mansi, Paula and Brian were emotional and portrayed how much talent there is in the Sixth Form. 

Mr Dunn, our Head Teacher’s speech was based on the need for good decision making informed by seeking advice and collaborative team work with anecdotes on two stories of the Head Teacher and Apollo 13 in 1970.

We were privileged to have the Chief Executive Officer of Equity Bank Kenya Limited, Mr Polycarp Igathe as our chief guest. He gave the graduands lots of valuable advice about life in the real world.

The evening was full of smiles, laughs and a few tears. The graduates were awarded for various achievements, such as holding leadership positions within the school, subjects studied and Creativity, Action and Service. The evening was a reflection of all the hard work and dedication that the class of 2019 has put in, especially during the last two years of Secondary School.

To the class of 2019: I wish you all the best in your future endeavours. I have been lucky enough to be able to interact with every one of you and you have all contributed to my experience here in Braeburn in a positive way.

Maya Fernandez- Deputy Head Senator