House News

16th September 2023

House News

A pizza party was held for Malala, the winners of 2022-2023 house competitions. The students that had over fifty merits and teachers in Malala house were also celebrated. It was a happy moment for Malala house and they appreciated the school gesture to recognise their work.

Robert Ochieng


IInter-House History Treasure Hunt

This week’s inter-house competition had a historical twist to it. Students from Malala, Curie, Walcott and Tutu raced completed a treasure hunt of 15 historical related images hidden around the secondary school.

The winner in Key Stage 3-4 was Dhara Shah in 9N, claiming 20 House Points for Malala and herself. The runner up was Debora Odongo in 9N, winning 15 House Points for Tutu and herself. In Key Stage 5, Maria Mwasha claimed top points for Malala and Apiny Bak came a close second, again claiming points for Malala.

Can you match the photos below with the correct historical event, individual or artefact?

Neil Armstrong | Kwame Nkrumah | Fidel Castro | The Prague Spring | The Terracotta Army | Patrice Lumumba

Michael Wright

History Teacher

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