New Feature for Parents invite Guardian

18th January 2021

Please accept an "INVITE GUARDIAN" request to your son/daughter's google account. This will give you greater access to your son/daughter's progress. You will be re-invited next week.

As a guardian, you can get email summaries about your son/daughter’s activity in the Classroom. Email summaries do not include grades. GRADES MAY BE SENT TO YOU FROM TIME TO TIME IF THE TEACHER DEEMS IT NECESSARY. In email summaries, you can review: * Missing work—Work not turned in when the summary was sent. * Upcoming work—Work that’s due today and tomorrow (for daily emails) or that’s due in the upcoming week (for weekly emails). * Class activities—Announcements, assignments, and questions recently posted by teachers. If there’s no activity to report or if a teacher turns of email notifications, you might not get an email summary.

If you have not received an invite, please contact us immediately. NEW FEATURE FOR PARENTS INVITE GUARDIAN INVITE GUARDIAN TUTORIAL Please click the link below for a short 2 minute tutorial on Invite Guardian for Parents.