Welcome to our new teachers

16th September 2023

James Mungai
Doris Wanjiku
Moses Wafula
David Yiminyi

James Mungai - Art

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education from Kenyatta University. I have a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of art and the artistic process, and am passionate about sharing my knowledge and skills with young students.

My love for teaching art lies in the incredibly varied nature of the role and how I am able to draw from my own practical experience as an artist. Teaching a curriculum of photography, drawing, graphic design, painting, printmaking and sculpture is deeply enjoyable. Watching each student exploring their creativity is a joy – I try to guide rather than shape. Each student has their own journey.

A fine arts graduate myself, I believe in the value of studying art (including the academic aspects of art history) and a good number of my students have gone on to study art in some capacity in higher education, with others going into related subjects such as architecture.

My first impression at Braeburn would be that of order and positive aspiration among the students and teachers alike. Individuals who are welcoming and ready to assist at all times. Thank you for letting me be part of an amazing team. I am happy to be part of the Braeburn School and I look forward to an exciting journey of learning new things everyday and having an opportunity to shape young minds as well as enabling them to find their paths in life.

Doris Wanjiku - Teacher of mathematics and physics.

I have joined Braeburn School from Still I Rise International School where I have been an IB teacher for more than two years. For me teaching is everything. It is a point where passion, career, and hobby converge.

As a science teacher, I always look forward to engaging my learners in discussions that

break down mathematical and physics concepts. I encourage my learners to question what

they learn, to seek understanding in learning, and to take that which they learn and use it to

better life and solve global issues.

My experience this far is great. The students are well-behaved, confident, and polite. The staff in general is very supportive and collaborative. The management is equally supportive, and approachable and puts the "open door policy" to work

Thank you for the support so far. Looking forward to more days of working together to see the students become all they want to be.

Moses Wafula - Sociology

I am delighted and excited to be part of the vibrant and diverse community of Braeburn School and I am truly impressed by the positivity and warm welcome from the wonderful students and amazing staff members.

I bring a wealth of experience and expertise in teaching sociology and a genuine passion for the subject with a great commitment to creating an engaging and enlightening learning environment for our students.

Sociology classes and engagements shape our students in understanding the complexities of society by exploring different perspectives and developing a sense of global citizenship. I aim to inspire a lifelong curiosity for sociology and its real world applications.

Working with other colleagues I will share my skills and experience in helping our students to further their global citizenship through training in the EAMUN delegates and supporting the resolutions writing. Looking forward to contributing greatly to the life and enjoyable experiences of our amazing students.

David Yiminyi - Physical Education

I am from London, UK joining Braeburn as the Head of Boys’ Physical Education. I began my teaching journey in 2016 as a teaching assistant across a few primary schools before working in a SEND school with primary-aged pupils. In 2018, I completed my PGCE in Secondary Physical Education before becoming a PE lead at a school provision for pupils with social, emotional, and mental health difficulties. It was very much a challenge, but a fantastic experience, nonetheless, at a school that will remain very close to my heart.

Four years down the line I am here working in Kenya at this wonderful international school. It has been a busy few weeks filled with events, mindfulness, fixtures, and so much more. The staff has been supportive, going above and beyond to help me settle in. It really has been a smooth transition, and I appreciate the family vibes. I have enjoyed spending time meeting the students, who are keen to succeed in all that they do. My highlight so far has been the ‘Pork Pie’ event, which was an experience like no other. Aside from that, the food in Kenya is absolutely the best. I look forward to progressing with the school and seeing what more Kenya has to offer. Asante sana!

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