Our Amazing Adventure in Sagana!

26th February 2024

Hey everyone! So, guess what? We went on this super cool trip to Sagana, Savage wilderness camp, and it was seriously the best time ever! We spent three whole nights and four awesome days there, doing all sorts of fun and interesting activities 

First up, we had rock climbing which was truly a test of mental toughness as we had to climb real life cliffs, but man, did we feel like champions when we made it to the top. We also had wall climbing which was just as challenging and fun, but less daunting

Next, we grabbed some bikes and hit the trails. We rode through the coolest paths, feeling the wind in our hair and the sun on our faces. It was also an opportunity for us to meet some of the locals and to be able to see what life for them is really like.

But wait, there's more! We also got to ride these cool things called Duckies and go white water rafting. Picture us cruising down rapids, laughing and screaming all the way—it was like a water roller coaster! For some of us, it was the time to enjoy singing some of our favorite childhood cartoons theme songs like The Lion King or Sofia the First, all in the backdrop of the flowing river.

Then came kayaking. Imagine floating peacefully on the water, surrounded by nature's beauty. It was so serene (except when we capsized) and relaxing, a nice break from all the adrenaline-pumping action and a really good workout for our arms.

We also did a night line, where we walked through the forest surrounding the camp with only a line of rope to guide us. Let's not forget that the only source of light was the full moon! 

What was even cooler than all the activities was bonding with our classmates! We shared meals, swapped stories, and laughed until our sides hurt, an experience I truly will never forget. 

Leaving Sagana was bittersweet. We had the time of our lives, making memories that'll last forever. It was more than just a trip, it was something special. Furthermore, we got a much needed break before we prepare ourselves for our IGCSEs. Thank you to all the teachers and school management that made this trip possible.

Written by: Tinashe and Ria

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Council of British International Schools (Compliance Member)
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