Oxford University Scholarship- Alumni

18th November 2020

Last week I was contacted by Mrs Grewal who is a French Teacher in the Primary School. I have known her since I first arrived as a teacher at Braeburn many years ago. She is also a long-standing parent of the School. Mrs Grewal proudly went on to tell me an incredible success story about her daughter Gulraj who started in year 2 and ended in year 13 with a set of very strong A-Level results. Gulraj recently contacted me below with her own story.

"I attended Braeburn from year 2 until year 13 (2001-2013). For IGCSEs I got 7A*s, 2As and 1 B (additional Maths - still a sore point as it's the only blot on my record). For A levels I scored A*AA (Chemistry, Maths and Biology). I went on to achieve a BSc in Immunology and Infection at University College London, followed by an MSc in Global Health and Development at the same University.

I've been working in Kenya now for 3 Years in the health and development space, and managed to publish a few papers in that period. I had two accepted journal articles and two pending publication. From here I have been accepted at Oxford University for a PhD. My PhD topic is about introducing Technology in the Kenyan Health System to improve outcomes for neonatal babies (aged 0-28 days). It's a fully funded PhD program at Oxford and I'll be at Green Templeton College. Green Templeton College is an International Graduate College at the heart of the University of Oxford. It brings together students, academics and practitioners focused on business and management, health and medicine and the social sciences."


Braeburn Student (2001-2013)