Parent Portal/ Encouraging Continuous Feedback to Students and Parents

18th January 2021

Here is the link to the Parent Portal to help you access the Portal. if you are encountering difficulties logging into the portal, please email the support team at

Many of you are aware that Braeburn's approach to reporting has now changed. I wish to remind all parents that they can now log in from about Week 4/5 and see teachers mark books for each and every subject. Grades from the mark books are used to calculate the final teacher assessment and give you as parents a good idea of how your son/daughter is performing with work in and out of the classroom. This approach helps students understand that every separate piece of work contributes and counts. It also simply informs parents if the work is indeed being submitted.

The Parent Portal is now a vital place where Parents can access information related to the progress and performance of their child. Parents can therefore engage their son/ daughter on this performance and make an appointment with relevant Teachers at their convenience. Once you have received your LOGIN details, please save them somewhere. You can then use the video link above to help you access the Portal.