Peace One Day- Events

29th September 2021

T-Shirt Charity Drive by Senators

Thank you to the Senators and especially Jeralee Dias who started a tee-shirt drive for charity. Students who purchased the tee-shirt were permitted to wear it throughout the week.

The thought for peace and inner peace is one that our students have embraced and as we hopefully come out of Pandemic times, we are all called to look after the environment and each other better than ever before.


London Monologue by Gibran

This week Gibran Bank from year 11 performed his IGCSE monologue from the play "Earthquakes in London". It consists of a climate change scientist explaining how humans are selfishly abusing the planet's resources and how the earth will retaliate.

He received top marks for this performance.

He very kindly has given us permission to use it for Peace One Day and this Newsletter.

Please watch this short video clip.