Senator Section

15th March 2021


The Braeburn school gym recently opened and I’ve really taken advantage of it. It had been almost a year since I worked out in the gym and quite frankly I had missed it.

There’s something about working out with your friends during or after a tiresome day at school and just letting go of life’s pressures- even just for an hour or so. Obviously this time it’s a little bit different due to the pandemic and social distancing but I’d take this over nothing at all in a heartbeat.

The vibe in the gym is unmatched. There’s always good music pumping in the background, Jeff pushing you to do an extra rep and sweating all your insides out… it doesn’t get any better than that. The gym has become my safe haven these last few weeks and I don’t really remember what I was doing with my time and energy prior to that.

Working out and staying fit has done wonders for me. For example, I’m much happier, full of energy, feeling stronger and just more at peace. This term has been quite overwhelming as I draw closer to graduating and it is so easy to drown in all your work and burn out. I encourage every sixth form student to consider doing some physical activity as often as they can because your mental health and overall wellbeing come first and I’m glad Braeburn has given us all the resources we need to do so. This can also be another opportunity to socialise with your friends.

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