Recorder Club Performance

30th March 2022

Sounds of beautiful musical notes floated in the air during the Key Stage 1 morning line up as the recorder club pupils who have had the opportunity to spend 10 weeks learning to play the instrument performed for their fellow classmates, teachers and parents, showcasing their talent and love of music.

The recorder club pupils have  learnt to play some notes and practised reading and translating musical symbols while playing at the same time. All this work culminated in a performance held on Tuesday, 29th March. These budding musicians shared their music skills and played tunes beautifully! 

For most of the children, this was their very first instrumental performance in front of an audience, but you would never have known, as they took to the 'stage' with confidence and poise.

We were really impressed by their dedication and went away feeling extremely proud of their achievements in such a short time.