It’s OK to take a break

26th April 2021

During this particular period, it can be easy to fall into a constant state of stress and anxiety.

One can sometimes feel that there’s nothing to do except work. In such moments, it’s good to take a break. Working consistently and making sure you’re on top of things is paramount, but rest is also important.

Without proper physical, mental and psychological well-being, working can do more harm than good.

Burn-out is a serious problem and can leave you unable to properly work or rest. So make time for yourself.

What do you like to do for fun? I personally enjoy writing. I take a few minutes at break or lunch to jot down something. It helps me be at peace after working. I’m sure each of you has something that you enjoy doing.

Put down the pen, close your books and just take a few moments to recuperate. Take a stroll. Exercise. Talk to someone. Make a snack. Sleep. Then once you’re rested, it’ll be easier to continue with your work!