19th October 2020

On the 14th of October, the Senator team was invited to the school as a trial to experience the new

COVID-19 measures that have been put in place to keep us safe at school. We were able to

participate in the new procedures, even filming some of them as a demonstration to the rest of the

Secondary School. This, along with the team building session our senator team took part in, allowed

us to have much longed face-to-face discussions whilst still being socially distanced and with our

masks on.

Having to maintain some distance between ourselves was new. During pre-corona times, we would

embrace our friends upon meeting them (especially after not seeing them a while). However, it is

now the new norm to greet your peers from a distance. It was a bit sad to be honest, but we were still

overjoyed to meet each other in person.

The school has strategically placed sanitizers (both automatic and hand pumped) at every entrance.

The teachers also had their own sanitizers allocated to their classrooms and although we encourage

each other to carry our own, the school has an adequate supply ensuring sanitation is always


Wearing the mask, despite all the negative perceptions I had prior, was not as uncomfortable as I

imagined. I was able to wear it throughout the time I was there, only taking it off to eat, and did not

feel suffocated or any other discomfort despite the hot weather. Therefore it does not seem as though

it would be particularly difficult to adjust to COVID 19 measures.

Around noon, when lunchtime rolled in, we were to sit 2 per table, with some distance between us.

This was relatively new to us, however not drastically different. In the lunch hall, this is the only

time we are permitted to remove our masks for eating purposes, however our masks were to return

for the rest of lunch. We were still able to chat and discuss just as we normally would whilst being

aware of the surrounding pandemic.

Overall, the experience was a lot to take in, especially after being primarily indoors for months,

being in a new environment felt quite strange. However, there were many enjoyable elements and we

as a team feel like we as a Braeburn community will be able to adjust to this new norm.