Sports Highlights

24th February 2024

U15 Girls hockey vs Rosslyn @Rosslyn

The U15 team which consisted mostly of U14 girls played Rosslyn in a 7aside game, gearing up for the U14 hockey tournament this weekend. A very good effort was shown on both sides, the girls were visibly exhausted due to the heat but managed to bag a 2-0 win.

MVP of the match was Malaika, for her impressive defensive work. 😊

Nzakwa Kaloki

Teacher of History and PE

U15 Boys’ hockey vs BGE@BGE

It was slow during the first quarter with not much happening from either team. However, in the second quarter the U15’s came out with a lot of energy and were applying pressure. Great team play led to a goal right at the last play ending the half 1-0. In the third quarter BGE started off really well and applied pressure but we defended well. Again in the final quarter BGE came out strong but we were up for the challenge and created some really good chances. Unfortunately in the last seconds of the game BGE scored a goal from some individual skilful dribbling. Game ended in a draw: 1-1. Well played.

David Yiminyi

Head of Boys’ PE

U15 Girls hockey vs BGE@BGE

This afternoon our U15 girls also played BGE in another league game. It was a very eventful game with both teams putting in a great fight. Our girls managed to play well and work together as a team despite being on a break all of last week. Ending the game with another win! 🥳 3-1!

Special mention to Lara Bailey who managed to score a hat trick!!

MVPs: Carmen(C), Lara and Valentina.

Nzakwa Kaloki

Teacher of History and PE

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U15 boys basketball vs Braeside@Peponi

The boys played their first game against our neighbors' Braeside in the rain. The wet conditions proved unfavorable as both teams were deadlocked with over 6 minutes played. Isaac Li scored our only points with a three-pointer with 90 seconds to go. Final score 8-3 L

The tournament was canceled due to heavy rains.

Leon Adongo

Director of Sports Braeburn Secondary School

Peponi U14 Hockey Tournament

Our 14 girls managed to come second in the Peponi tournament 🥳🥳. Unfortunately 1-0 loss in the final to Hillcrest in the last second.

Ryan Sodi managed to get the medal for best goalkeeper in the boy's tournament. Some really impressive saves!

Faith Muchabaiwa also managed to win the medal for best goalkeeper in the girls' tournament!

Nzakwa Kaloki

Teacher of History and PE

Braeburn School U15 Hockey Team Win! (a thrilling match)

In an exciting showdown, the Braeburn Hockey team emerged victorious in a nail-biting match against their rivals. The game, held at Braeburn Garden Estate, showcased the incredible skills and teamwork of these talented young athletes.

The match began with both teams displaying impressive technique and determination. The Braeburn team took an early lead with a stunning goal by their star forward. As the game progressed, tensions ran high on the field. Braeburn showcased exceptional defence, led by their captain, Carmen. The forwards, Valentine and Carmen demonstrated excellent ball control and strategic passing, creating numerous scoring opportunities.

With only minutes left on the clock, the match reached its climax. Braeburn launched a relentless offensive, putting immense pressure on their opponents. In a moment of brilliance, Lara, the team's main forward, scored a sensational goal, securing the lead and igniting a wave of celebration among the Braeburn team.

The final whistle blew, and Braeburn School hockey team emerged as champions, basking in the glory of their hard-fought victory. The players, coaches, and fans celebrated their remarkable achievement, highlighting the power of dedication, teamwork, and perseverance.

This thrilling school match will be remembered as a testament to the talent and passion of these young athletes, inspiring future generations to pursue their dreams on the hockey pitch.

Mercy Maanzo


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