Student Profile: Confident Individual

2nd February 2021

"Storm Backer Here! I am currently training in the sport known as Muay Thai, it is a physical sport, whereby you use your fists, elbows, knees and shins. It is also called Thai boxing. I was first interested in the sport when my mum had a fight in Thailand, which she won. She has been a great inspiration for me throughout my training and even in my own fight. She has had 6 professional fights and is now the East African champion. This is the belt she got after the fight. ( Pre COVID).

I loved the sport straight after my first training, it made me feel accomplished. It is definitely not easy, but after you learn how to do the kick properly, or the punch, it just makes you feel complete. It’s really helped me learn to keep my cool, and helped me control a lot of anger. It was very challenging and did sometimes push you till the point you felt like breaking. But that was part of the journey. It also depends on your trainer, I got along with mine straight away, which helped a lot. He also has lots of faith in me which is great.

If anyone is interested in trying the sport, talk to me in school and I will connect you with my trainer, who is amazing. It's a challenging sport which I believe makes you a better person."