Student Profile: Dedication Reaps Reward

25th January 2021

A vivacious cheeky young boy who loved football.

Adnan had his life turn on itself due to an unfortunate fall at the age of four as a result of which was left bilaterally deaf. Subsequently, Adnan had cochlear implants. However just a week before surgery, whilst waiting to meet his surgeon he suddenly had a seizure; So, of course surgery was postponed until further tests were done and it was deemed safe for him to have his cochlear implant surgery. Adnan then had to take anti convulsant, necessary for a productive seizure free life, has some unpleasant side effects; weakness, dizziness, weight gain to name a few.

Due to risk of head injury and the constant problems with his processors. Adnan had to forgo his love of football and redirect it to another sport.

That’s when he started Golf!

Adnan developed his skills in Golf gradually, inspired and encouraged by his father as well as participating in community-based tournaments. He now has a handicap of six which in golfing terms is excellent!

Of his many achievements, he was a finalist at the Sigona Golf Championships in October 2020.

At the advent of teenage years cliques develop and a youngster with special needs is often sidelined and left questioning his/her self worth and identity. Through Golf, Adnan discovered he could hold his own.

Golf is a game that requires discipline, patience, intellect, strategy, fitness and a good sense of humour! During these unprecedented times, Golf has been instrumental for keeping fit, stress relief whilst of course maintaining social distance. Adnan is working diligently balancing his academics with golf to achieve his target grades. We are indeed very grateful and proud of Adnan and congratulate him on his achievements so far.

We wish him health and success in all his endeavours.