Super Scientists

8th June 2021

Super Scientists

On Monday, Year 4 pupils put on their lab coats and goggles and became 'Super Scientists' for the day. Focusing on the four elements: water, air, fire and earth, the students carried out investigations and experiments to enrich their learning of Science.

They explored the concept of static energy by making tissue-paper butterfly wings flap; and by rubbing a balloon on their hair and giving the balloon a static charge. They went on a minibeast hunt to explore earth's creatures and categorised the invertebrates by their features. They also explored water by making giant bubbles, and finally they considered how scientists have changed the world we live in.

The highlight of the day was Braeburn's own science expert Dr. Macharia, who demonstrated a fire experiment where he showed how mixing fuel, oxygen and heat can create a huge flame! Dr. Macharia showed how when oxygen was removed from the flame would not light.

Year 4's noticeable passion for Science is very clear and this curriculum enrichment day was chosen as a result of this. The Year 4 team was very impressed with the effort and creativity that the students put into their costumes; as well as their enthusiasm and engagement during the day. We hope that this cohort of students continue to express an interest and passion for science, as they move up into Year 5.