The Year 7 and 8 Geography Explorations

6th February 2024

On February 6th and 8th, our Year 7 and Year 8 students embarked on thrilling geography trips that brought classroom lessons to life and left them with lasting memories of exploration and discovery.

Year 8 Adventure: Hiking and Discoveries in Tigoni

The Year 8 pupils set out on an exhilarating journey to Tigoni and Limuru, where they embraced the outdoors through a 5 km hike along the Kawamwaki tea farm trail loop. This immersive experience took them through areas of wetland, where they not only enjoyed the natural beauty but also had the opportunity to sketch a map of a stunning dam. Home to a variety of insects and birds, the dam provided a fascinating glimpse into local ecosystems. The students were equally captivated by encounters with domestic animals on the farm, adding a touch of rural charm to their adventure. The highlight of the trip was a mesmerising waterfall, making it a perfect blend of excitement and knowledge.

Year 7 River Expedition: Exploring Githiga's Natural Wonders

Meanwhile, our Year 7 pupils ventured to Githiga, Kiambu, for a hands-on exploration of the physical and human aspects of Geography. A 5 km trail through breathtaking tea plantations unfolded a stunning waterfall and revealed hidden river caves. This real-life encounter allowed students to witness firsthand the landforms shaped by erosion, reinforcing their understanding of the geographical processes discussed in the classroom. The expedition also underscored the vital role rivers play in local communities, providing a tangible connection between textbook learning and the world around them.

Both trips were filled with excitement and knowledge, offering our students a chance to connect with nature, deepen their understanding of geography, and create memories that will resonate throughout their academic journey.

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