Unveiling the Champions of Verbose Victory!

18th November 2023

Spelling Bee Spectacle:

On the buzzing battleground of words, our spirited students clashed in this year's Spellbinding Spelling Bee held on November 16, 2023. The competition, which drew participants from all houses, showcased the extraordinary linguistic prowess of our talented contenders.

🏠 House Highlights:

Curie House emerged as the triumphant wordsmiths, led by the stellar spellers Harlene, Japjot, Liana, Apelele, Aaliyah, Lakshita, and Rishon. Their linguistic finesse and strategic teamwork catapulted them to the coveted first position, securing a staggering 40 points.

Malala House, a formidable force in the competition, claimed the honourable second runners-up title. The dynamic trio of Mila, Sanjana, and Joy Maanzo showcased their spelling prowess, earning a commendable 30 points.

Tutu's team, composed of the brilliant spellers Yanet, Milembee, Kailan, and Nadia, took the audience on a lexical journey, securing the third position with 20 points.

Despite the spirited efforts of Walcott's team, represented by Jasmine, Anthony, Imani, Triza, and Sarita, they showcased resilience and determination in the face of tough competition.

Scores of Spellbinding Brilliance:

Curie House: 40 points (Masters of the Lexical Realm)

Malala House: 30 points (Spelling Virtuosos)

Tutu: 20 points (Word Wizards)

Walcott: 0 points (Undaunted Spirit)

A heartfelt congratulations to all our participants! Your dedication and linguistic acumen illuminated the Spelling Bee stage. Let's continue to spell success in all our academic endeavours!

Judy Macharia

Head of English

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