Year 10 and 12 Return to School

9th November 2020

We opened successfully on Tuesday 3rd November and it was great to see 82% of the current year 10s and 12s in full attendance. Although lessons started on Tuesday morning, training also commenced regarding all COVID protocols related to a full opening in the future. One way systems, sanitizing and social distancing being of upmost importance. The students seemed very quiet at first but as they progressed their personalities began to shine through. It was clear that our students deeply care about their education as they made their way from lesson to lesson. An emphasis was made in the morning regarding their continuous assignment submission and how these results will be reflected in their overall transcripts for University entry in the future. Extra-Curricular activities will gradually transfer to live sessions when we feel each group is ready, however late buses at present will not be provided.

y10-13 return 2.jpg