Year 11 and 13 Return to School

16th November 2020

Last week was the turn of the Year 11s and Year 13s returning to School. Both the teachers and the students have clearly enjoyed the week and the systems are now slowly being embedded into the culture of daily routines.

I must compliment the students and the teachers for their professional approach both this week and last. Teachers are steadily re-establishing classroom connections and formative learning and assessment is very apparent. This is an area where all teachers have struggled during Remote Teaching and Learning.

We now are ready for the full year 10 to 13 IGCSE and A Level classes commencing on Monday 16th November and we are looking forward to seeing all these students. Please note that we will be very strict during this week as the 'training weeks' are over and now we must put what we have all learned into practice.

Year 13.jpg