Year 12 & 13 BTEC Trip to Village Market

18th November 2023

On Thursday, 16th November we went on a trip to the Village Market Mall. It was really cool, and we learned a lot about how businesses work.

We found out how the mall is managed and how they choose which shops can be there. They also told us how they plan events like Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Halloween. We learned about keeping everything safe too, which was interesting.

We also got to know about customer relations and the VM loyalty program. The trip showed us that running a big shopping place needs a lot of careful planning.

They explained how shops rent spaces, and we learned about all the work that happens behind the scenes.

We're happy we went on this trip to the Village Market. It wasn't just fun; it helped us see how the things we learn in class really happen in real life.

Alarik and Kern.

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