Year 2 and Climate Change

8th December 2021

During topic time, Year 2 discussed the effects of global warming and how climate change has affected our planet and how we can mitigate the factors and save our planet from climate change. They discussed some of the ways we all can make a difference in our homes including switching to energy saving light bulbs, walking more and driving electric cars, recycling and reducing food waste. Whilst thinking and talking about climate change, they discussed ways in which Braeburn Schools can make a difference.

The week after topic time, the Year 2 students sent an invite to the Group Management Committee (GMC) of Braeburn Schools to discuss ways in which Braeburn will help mitigate global warming and climate change. This invitation was taken up by Terry Childs, the Group Chairman and Founder of Braeburn Schools; Andy Hill the Managing Director of Braeburn Schools and Chris Childs the Group Development Manager. Our confident individuals dived into the questions, asking for more trees to be planted, electric buses and a system where lights power off when there is no one in a room and turning of monitors when not in use. It was a very enlightening conversation with promises of change from both sides. I seem to remember a promise of a vegetarian day in school and our Headteacher Mr Bailey and Assistant EYFS and KS1 Headteacher Mrs Muriuki promised to look into planting of trees at a favorable place for all Braeburn children in Term 2.

That very same evening, a commitment letter arrived for the Year 2 team from the GMC. The letter talked about ways Braeburn is currently doing to reduce the environmental footprint. They do this by use of solar power, recycling rubbish and protecting and planting more trees. They promised to look into the ideas that Year 2 shared and how the Braeburn community can work towards achieving real and meaningful change in our environment.

Well done Year 2 - together we are making a huge difference!

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