Year 2 Explores Food and Farming at Brown’s Cheese Farm

19th March 2024

Year 2 pupils recently embarked on an exciting journey to Brown's Cheese Farm in Limuru, diving deep into the world of food and farming. This trip served as a culmination of their Topic lessons this half term on ‘Food and Farming’.

The day began with an engaging lesson in the farm's history and origins. The children discovered the fascinating story behind Brown's Cheese Farm and learned about its mission to produce high-quality dairy products sustainably.

Next, our Year 2s were treated to an immersive demonstration of cheese making. With wide eyes and eager minds, they observed as milk, hot water, and salt were expertly transformed into creamy mozzarella cheese. The highlight? Each child had the chance to roll up their sleeves and craft their very own mozzarella – a cheesy masterpiece to call their own!

After break, the adventure continued with a tour of the factory. From milk delivery to the chilling cold room, the children witnessed cheese production on a large scale, gaining valuable insights into the process behind their favourite dairy products. They were also introduced to the fascinating world of ice cream production, learning how this delicious treat is made from scratch.

But the fun didn't stop there! With the tantalising aroma of freshly baked pizza in the air, the children eagerly participated in a pizza-making session. With the guidance of the farm's skilled staff, they kneaded dough, spread sauce, and topped their pizzas with ingredients of their choice.

As their pizzas cooked, the children embarked on a tour of the farm, where they encountered a menagerie of animals and explored vibrant vegetable patches. Some even had the opportunity to try their hand at milking cows – an experience that left them feeling like true farmers!

With lunchtime rolling around, the children gathered to enjoy their homemade pizzas, savouring every bite of their culinary creations. And as if the day couldn't get any sweeter, they were surprised with a delightful ice cream treat for dessert – the perfect end to an unforgettable adventure.

The trip to Brown's Cheese Farm was not only a fun and exciting experience but also a valuable opportunity for the Year 2 pupils to reinforce their learning about food production and farming.

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