Year 2 Making Waves in Design Technology

28th June 2021

For Design and Technology this term our topic has been 'Making boats'. The children have been learning about different kinds of boats and were fascinated by the variety of boats in the world such as houseboats, fishing boats and speedboats, among others! They also learnt about parts of a boat, such as the sail and an anchor, and their functions.

To put all that we had learnt into practice, the children designed and made their own boats, using recycled materials. It was amazing to see the creativity and originality in their designs. They incorporated their science knowledge on properties of different materials, mathematics skills when measuring the length and width of their boats, and of course technology where they used different skills to make the final product.

The project did not end there ... when the design and building process was over, the next stage was the best of them all! We had a boat race to test the effectiveness of the whole project. Well, let’s just say, some boats made it to the end, while others managed to go half way, then we had those that sank as soon as they hit the water!

Oh well, lessons were learnt and a lot of fun was had. The children enjoyed connecting classroom activities and experiences to real-life opportunities.

‘If you can’t make a mistake, you can’t make anything!’ Marva Collins